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Von Hunter is about spreading the message of Consciousness, Love and Power.


Positive vibes over rock reggae grooves help humanity move to a new beat... 

The mission is to bring awareness to the power of self and who we really are.  Embracing the abundance of the universe and the fact that we shape our very reality - individually, but more powerfully as a collective unified human voice.  Consciousness.

We are abundant and Love is the answer.  Love is the pulse that connects us to our source.  It is the very tool that we need for our liberation.  By using our natural and  creative abilities, we can build a new reality for ourselves.  Love is powerful.


Power comes from understanding who we truly are and the power that we already posses. Power is about taking the action to move away from anything that represents prison and slavery in our lives.  Power is choosing to build a new and brighter vision for humanity...


A vision of Consciousness, Love and Power.  

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