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2018 Brewery gigs in Charlotte

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Von gives insights on the fun of playing the Charlotte Brewery scene.

Playin music on the Charlotte brewery scene has been soooo much fun! Ive enjoyed all the cool people ive met and connected with, not to mention all the delicious beer!

It just seems as if the brewery game in Charlotte just continues to grow...and I dig it! All the cool and different places i've been able to experience this year has been dope. I recently performed at the latest brewery in town, Brewers at Yancey. Let me tell you, its like a super brewery. They've combined two brewers Victory and Southern Tier into one spot. The place is massive and the crowds are awesome!

The Von Hunter sound continues to expand into new arenas and were gonna keep moving it forward in the energy of Consciousness, Love and Power! Hope to see you at a 2018 show soon!

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