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The Conscious Cloud

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Focusing on topics of Consciousness, Love and Power, and ideas that will set humanity free.

THE PEOPLE NEED TO BE FREE!...but what is true freedom though?

Freedom to me is a state of mind body and spirit. It is a state of being that comes from within and signals a individuals' power to do, think, say, and be what they want under all circumstances. Freedom is to be able to shape your own environment.

In the world that we live in these days, most people are distracted from their own freedom. They're distracted mostly by the slavery of survival mentality that is unnecessarily thrust upon us. Distracted by the boundaries of time and the illusion that there is never enough to achieve the things we want. Distracted from the abundance of nature by an intense and ever-increasing dependency on technology. Distracted by the judgments of other people and and the prison of conformity. We are fed foods that hurt us. We are sprayed with chemicals in our skies. We are distracted from the things happening behind the scenes while we were distracted...

We are distracted from ourselves and our true power to master this physical reality now.

All of those distractions to our freedom are deliberately placed there for us by the entities who think they own us. They want you to be blind so that you cannot experience truth of awakening of consciousness and spirit. They want you to remain distracted and asleep while they use your own energy against you.

But this is where we take our stand. Here is where we awaken and discuss our solutions.

If we can look through the veil and dive deeper into ourselves first, and then see the potent resources we have as human kind, then we can rise. We are powerful spiritual beings that can rise above the bondage that we are in. We can gather our energetic resources and break free from the dependency of a system that only uses us and doesn't care about us. It is within the focus of your time and energy where your true freedom lies. Its time for a new wave of Consciousness, Love and Power on planet earth.

Lets have a dialogue about it. Post your thoughts and comments below.

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